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About Us:

Al-Rushed American Private School

A private school which applies the American curriculum and seeks to instill the value of virtues and morals in the heart of students using the finest and latest scientific innovative methods in education. It facilitates the students through its modern and outstanding building with its all integrated facilities including classrooms, laboratories, places to pray, a library, beautiful grassy playgrounds and shaded squares. In addition it carries an excellent management and qualified supervisory faculty with considerable experience who  believes that education is a great honesty for being one of the greatest reasons of nations rising. Furthermore, they also believe that the kids are precious treasure for their families and societies. So teaching them a strong and real grade levels coupled with virtuous morals, which Al-Rushed American private school seeks to achieve, is a successful investment for their families.

Our school also seeks competitive achievements in constructing and developing this beloved country inspired from the moderate values of Islam. Also taking advantage of the different successful human experiences and keeping in mind to be in the few coming years it will be in the rank of the distinguished international schools according to scientific discussed plans with the assistance of all in Allah, then what is provided by the U.A.E government to invest in this vital area. What is important is satisfying parents in both academic and moral sides for their children. And so as to provide students a distinct educational environment to help them to get strong achievements and noble morals, because they are the knights of the glory, the builders of the future and the men and women of tomorrow.  All under the slogan of Al-Rushed School for "Effective Knowledge and Great Morals".

To download school brochure in Arabic click here, for English click here!

Ask whatever you want, Your Satisfaction Is Our goal Service:

The school administration is pleased to provide you at the beginning of the new academic year, a new service (Ask whatever you want, Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal). A specialized person will contact parents for their complains, observations or suggestions by phone or the e-mail address of the school. The person will fill out a form related to the subject and follow it up with all the concerned parties, then it will inform the administration before communicating again with the parents to inform them with the final result by phone. All in is an effort to satisfy parents and provide the best service which goes side by side with the high Islamic morality and reaches the benevolence which Islam recommends.

Student behavioral discipline at school form.
The form of the student behavioral discipline at school is approved by the ministry of education. To download it click here.

The staff list:
To download the prescribed staff list of the school click on school section.

School sections:

The school carries two separated sections for boys and girls, which are divided into four sections as follows.

The department of Ahbab Allah Almighty (KG section) is on the ground floor in the girls section.

The department of Khadijah girls (from the 4thgrade to 8thgrade) is on the first floor in the girls section.

The department of Ahbab Al-Quran (from the 1st grade to 3rdgrade) is on the ground floor in the boys section.

The department of Ahbab Alrasul peace be upon him (from the 4th to the 8thgrade) is on the first floor in the boys section.

In addition to the central part of the school, it also contains a library, a computer lab, a great hall and a number of scientific laboratories.

Characteristics of Al-Rushed School Student.

Carries an excellent academic level based on the left knowledge and deep understanding with a good awareness and conception.Carries high moral level, derived from the Islam ethics to be a good example in the society and a bleft picture in life. Carries proficiency in English as an important mean for building a successful future life without ignoring the afterlife.

Carries proficiency in Arabic for being an essential identity for every Muslim by realizing its essentialities and tasting its sweet meanings to get a close understanding for the Holly Quran and Sunnah.Carries a Positive look for the future by loving the country, respecting its laws and seeking to leave a useful imprint.To be an ideal human being- in every sphere of life, loving his Lord, religion, family, country, nation and life around him. A person who is useful for himself and people around him, having useful education which is very important for a successful life.